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Data Recovery / Data Transfers: From $219

There is no worse feeling than losing those precious photos forever, or accidentally deleting all that work. At eStorm we are determined to help you recover your precious time and moments. Here are some of the measures that will be taken:

  • Assessment of data recovery options:

There are any number of ways to go about recovering lost data and an almost endless array of tools that can assist in the process. We will advise what's the most suitable solution.

  • Deleted file & data recovery from a drive in good working order:

If you’ve accidentally deleted files from a hard drive that’s otherwise in good working order, our eStorm tech will attempt to recover them using software created specifically for the task.

  • Deleted file & data recovery from a damaged or dysfunctional hard drive:

If you have a damaged or dysfunctional hard drive, eStorm will first attempt recovery on-site using specialist software designed to work on faulty hard drives.

Perhaps you have purchased from us a new Apple computer. Data transfers can be performed onsite if you wish to move data from an old device to your new Apple computer.

Insurance Reports:

Mac - $88.00 Inc GST
IOS - $55.00 Inc GST

Have you experienced a power surge, water damage, accidental damage or other problem? You may be able to claim this on your home and contents policy for the replacement or the repair of the device.

eStorm can issue you with a comprehensive report for any iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. Bring the device straight into our Service Centre and we will email you the report within 48 hours.

Software Updates (Update to latest OS)

Apple Mac OS X - $69.00

Apple iPhone - $55.00

Apple iPad - $55.00

Apple iPod - $55.00